Green World Compound Marrow Powder

Compound Marrow Powder
The main compositions of compound Marrow powder are extract of fresh encephala, spinal cord, elite of antrum bone which adopts modern scientific technology. Compound Marrow powder eliminates the bad grease elements in the human body. It reserves the intrinsic function of marrow and supply the nutrition to brains and spinal cords. It represents the characteristic of three marrows combined as one, three marrows nourish together, recovers the nutrition disequilibrium of singular marrow products
In addition to the various nutritive elements and active matters contained in compound marrow powder, it also contains high concentrated protein, phosphate, pollen, organic calcium, vitamins and microelements.
The Function of World Brand Compound Marrow Powder:
Strengthen the immune system; resist fatigue; improve somnolence; strong memory regulate blood fat; balance blood pressure’ strengthen haematogenous function of the constitution; age retardation; relieve sore waist and back pain, replenish calcium and improve osteoporosis etc.
This product can improve immunity, enhance insomnia, headache, crack-up, reduce high blood pressure, ameliorate osteoporosis, wipe of the spur, accelerate the growth of adult and juvenile.
World Brand compound marrow powder contains abundant nutrient for brain, bone nutrient and enrich the blood nutrient, Moreover, it contains helpful ingredients for eyes which is better than milk representing itself the best in health care products. The product is a supplement which has balanced nutriments and microelements and it can be used all over the year.
The world brand compound marrow powder can be swallowed with warm water, and can be added into milk or porridge.
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