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Swissgarde Defender Herbal Supplement: Fight against staphylococus.


It neutralizes the damaging effects of free radicals it build up the immune body it relieves chest pain and heart diseases it is a natural antibiotic it is an anti cancer agent and fight against staphylococus.

Swissgarde Defender

Defender(Antioxidants With Garlic & Grapeseed Extract) Contains:

1.Beta Carotene(300mcg)

2.Vitamin C(125mg


4.Vitamin E(10 i.u.)

5.Parsley Leaf Powder(50mg)

6.Grapeseed extract(Vitamin C concentrate)(10mg)

Health Benefits swissgarde Defender Capsule:

1.Powerful antioxidant with anti-cancer properties. Beneficial for :

2. Sore throats , mouth ulcers, healing wounds.

3.Boosting Immunity.

 4.Alcohol Excess.  

5.Bad Circulation.

6.Bleeding Gums.  

7.Bronchitis & Chest infections  


9.Colds & flu.

10.Shrinking Fibroid and other tumours.

11.Frequent Infections.

13. Beneficial for improving heart health.


15.Infertility (eliminates free-radicals that may be responsible,selenium shortage is often associated with infertility).

16.Food Poisoning.


18.Prevents premature aging due to free radical cell damage.

19. Tonsillitis.

Dosage: 60 capsules in all for 30 days-

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