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Dietary Supplement To Boost The Immune System.

 The Complete food supplement. ... COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer

Complete Phyto-Energizer ingredients works in “synergy” toproduce the maximum result for our body! it is a supplements  for everyday health and energy through a wider range of distinctly balanced nutrients that provide crucial health values from three important areas: daily essentials, botanical energizers and system defenders that include antioxidants.

Composed of a great number of revitalizing nutrients from more natural sources than any products, Complete supplements are the supreme “WHOLE FOOD ENERGIZERS”. As a cleanser, healer and energizer, Complete strengthens the body to protect itself and fight against a wider range of physiological conditions that lead to ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, and cancer,

Complete Phyto-Energizer benefits:

Complete Phyto-Energizer 


• Promotes longevity
• Lowers cholesterol level
• Protects against heart disease and complications
• Helps prevent cancer of any origin
• Controls high-blood pressure
• Controls blood sugar
• Enhances and balances metabolism
• Prevents degenerative diseases like arthritis
• Enhances, nourishes, strengthens and balances the immune system
• Increases the production of inherent glutathione in our bodies
• Rejuvenates the skin
• Regenerates liver cells
• Promotes healthy blood circulation
• Detoxifies the body
• Reduces fatigue, depression and anxiety
• Enhances sexual vitality

Complete Phyto-Energizer Contains

    29 Vitamins / Minerals / Trace Minerals
    18 Amino Acids
    14 Super Green Foods / Spirulina Blend
    12 Whole Fruit Juice Blend
    12 Whole Vegetable Juice Blend
    12 Mushrooms
    12 Digestive Enzymes
    12 Herbs and Specialty Nutrients
    10 Essential Fatty Acids

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