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Health Alert: Signs You Should Never Ignore.

Medical Signs You Should Not Ignore.

• If you have unexplained weight loss and/or loss of appetite, you may have a serious underlying medical illness.

• Slurred speech, paralysis, weakness, tingling, burning pains, numbness, and confusion are signs of a stroke, and you should get to an appropriate emergency centre immediately. Early treatment may prevent permanent damage to the brain or even save your life.

Health hazard

• Black, tarry stools may indicate a haemorrhage from an ulcer of the stomach or the intestine. It is important to stop the bleeding and to rule out cancer as a cause.

• A headache accompanied by a stiff neck and fever is an indicator of a serious infection called meningitis.

• A sudden, agonising headache, more severe than any you have felt before, could mean you are bleeding in the brain. Go to an emergency room immediately.

• For women, vaginal bleeding after menopause is a warning sign of possible cancer.

• For men, a lump in your testicle with or without a small lump in the groin could be serious. Testicular cancer is more commonly found in testicles that did not naturally descend from the abdomen to the scrotum.

Source: The Punch.

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