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Massage Seat For Car , Home or Office Use

A car massage cushion enable you to relax while in a car or drive. We know that sit in the car for a long time is boring and tied. So to buy a car massage cushion and put it on the car is a good thing. Today, we introduct  car massage cushions for you. IT is good and not expensive. Pls see the detailed information below.

•    10 vibration motors, invigorating massager, Microprocessor control, Relieves tension, stress and sore muscles for the neck, back and thighs.
•    Soothing heat, Built-in thermostat to control the temperature automatically at a comfortable level.
•    Hand control unit, 3 massage speeds, 4 massage programs, independent heat on/off button.
•    4 zones: M1 - Shoulder/upper back, M2 - Lower back, M3 - Lumbar, M4 - Thigh .
•    Portable for home/office/auto, Car adapter and AC adapter included, Automatically shut down in 30 minutes.

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Car/ sseat massage cushion

The light Heat Wave Therapy soothes and relaxes tense muscle groups, enables the massage to penetrate deeper to the muscle tissues. What is far more, this cushion’s lumbar assistance process alleviates undue strain from incorrect posture, protects lower spinal discs, relieves agonizing strain about the tail bone, and promotes far better spine alignment. This cushion is conveniently powered by your vehicle’s 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter

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Car/ seat massage cushion


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