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Green World Royal Jelly : Wonder of good Health

Royal Jelly is shaped through the bee’s digesting, absorbing and refining to the active ingredients taken from the nectar and pollen. Royal jelly is the essence of the honey and pollen, which contains protein, vitamin, biologic hormone and amino acid. It is a marvellous health food called ‘liquid nutrient gold’.
Product Introduction.
This product contains 100% pure royal jelly, whose active rate is above 97%, 3 times higher than that in fresh royal jelly. The softgel involves 12 kinds of proteins, minerals, 30 various amino acids, 20 sorts of fatty acid, 16 kinds of vitamins and trace elements necessary to the human body. It enhances immunity, relieves fatigue, improves sleep and memory, maintains youth and retards aging.
100% natural royal jelly.
Green world Royal Jelly
Characteristics and Effects
a.         Strengths immunity, facilitates regeneration of the tissue and prevents cancer
b.         Improves metabolism and incretion; eliminates spots and wrinkles, nourishes skin, activates the hair, nail and skin, postpone senile.
c.         Improves children growth and intelligence, reduces incidence of disease
d.         Accelerates habitus restoration of the elders, ill and weak people, reduces the incidence of relapse
e.         Activates brain, banishes dizziness, nausea, poor appetite and constipation
f.          Prevents tumor, reduces blood pressure, strengthens brain, improves hepatitis, relieve diabetes, prevents arteriosclerosis and facilitates production of the red blood cell and blood platelet
g.         Restrain bacteria, eliminates inflammation, resists cancer and radiation.
Suitable for:
1.         Weak, sickly and senile people
2.         Women who want to eliminate spot and wrinkle, nourish skin
3.         Office workers who are easy to be tired, or vigorless
4.         Children who suffer from dystriphia and stunt
5.         People who suffer from anaemia or those during recovery after sickness or surgery
6.         People who suffer from liver problem.
7.         For everyone who want a better health and longevity.
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