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Good Nutrition Can Also Improve Fertility in Men

Health care products play a key role in maintaining man's health. It regulates body function, alleviates the erectile dysfunction in addition to enough exercises, enough sleep and healthy life style..

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Female Care Supplement: Feminine Herbal Complex

GNLD’s Feminine Herbal Complex

 Women everywhere know that even though you might be healthy in all other respects, monthly complaints and mood swings can challenge your feelings of wellness. For centuries, master herbalists have known that women have unique cyclical needs, and that certain herbs work to balance the feminine cycle. Because a woman’s menstrual cycle places her body in a constant state of flux, specific formulations have been carefully selected to assist women in achieving balance and wellness by addressing needs that are specific to the female system.

 Feminine Herbal Complex
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GNLD’s Feminine Herbal Complex addresses those needs with a unique blend of herbs that supports normal female physiology and function. Herbal blend to help women achieve a state of optimal health, comfort and calmness.

Key Benefits

    Supports women's unique cyclical needs.
    Supports calmness, boost spirits, and promotes positive mental attitude.
    Promotes normal female physiology and function.
 These herbs are harvested from the same fields Chinese herbalists have relied upon throughout the ages. Using the most advanced processing technology, GNLD has set a new standard for quality, purity and potency in every tablet.

·         Exclusive herbal fusion formula pairs the best of global traditions with modern science to help support women's unique cyclical needs.

·         Contains 10 herbs in a delicate, balanced mix to help women achieve a state of optimal health, comfort, calmness, and vitality.

·         With St. John's wort, shown to help support calmness, boost spirits, and promote positive mental attitude.


Adults; One tablet each morning and night or as directed by a Health Care Professional.

60 Tablets

What We Need To Know About Ebola Virus

In order to help our Embassy Community better understand some of the key points about the Ebola virus we have consulted with our medical specialists at the U S State Department and assembled this list of bullet points worded in plain language for easy comprehension. Our medical specialists remind everyone that they should be following the guideline from the center for Disease Control and the
World Health Organisation.

• The suspected reservoirs for Ebola are fruit bats.
• Transmission to humans is thought to originate from infected bats or primates that have become infected by bats.
• Undercooked infected bat and primate (bush) meat transmits the virus to humans.
• Human to human transmission is only achieved by physical contact with a person who is acutely and gravely ill from the Ebola virus or their body fluids.
• Transmission among humans is almost exclusively among caregiver family members or health care workers tending to the very ill.
• The virus is easily killed by contact with soap, bleach, sunlight, or drying. A washing machine will kill the virus in clothing saturated with infected body fluids.
• A person can incubate the virus without symptoms for 2-21 days, the average being 5-8 days before becoming ill. THEY ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS until they are acutely ill.
• Only when ill does the viral load express itself first in the blood and then in other bodily fluids (to include vomit, feces, urine, bosom milk, Fluid and sweat).
• If you are walking around you are not infectious to others.
• There are documented cases from Kikwit, DRC of an Ebola outbreak in a village that had the custom of children never touching an ill adult. Children living for days in small one room huts with parents who died from Ebola did not become infected.
• You cannot contract Ebola by handling money, buying local bread or swimming in a pool.
• There is no medical reason to stop flights, close borders, restrict travel or close embassies, businesses or schools.
• As always practice good hand washing techniques, but you will not contract Ebola if you do not touch a dying person.
Please share this information with your friends and families and try not to spread panic on social media.

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Nutritional Supplements For Young and Older Women

Nutritional supplements can change their health and make you feel like you again!

Transform your health! Using Functional Medicine as our cornerstone, we teach women how lifestyle, nutrition and targeted nutritional supplements can change their health and make you feel like you again! Whether you’re interested in giving your body the right health care products, nutrients and vitamins for conception, healthy hair, glowing skin or sports and fitness – we’ve got the innovative, scientifically researched products to help you look and feel your best.
Understand your health risks and uncover the daily unmet needs of your body which may be affecting how you feel and how you perform.

Female care

Different types of supplements for women in Nigeria

1.    Gaurapad Komplete Facial: Gaurapad has selected only the very finest ingredients that nature has to offer in its Komplete Facial and packaged it all in a state of the art delivery system. You will be receiving six very distinct facials: Avocado, Tea tree oil, Cocoa, Orchid, Pomegranate and Seaweed bio-peptides – all of which are developed to target specific skin areas for improvement.
2.    Gaurapad Femina is a formula from ionics research. It is 100% natural, rapid-action solution for PMS, menstrual cramps and irregularity, based on advanced deep penetration (transdermal) technology.

3.    Kidney Tonifying for women - kidney meridian also includes the adrenal glands that secrete a wide range of essential hormones regulation metabolism, excretion, immunity, sexual potency and fertility. Thus, the kidneys control sexual and reproductive functions and provide the body’s prime source  of sexual vitality, which the Chinese regard as a major  indicator of health and immunity.

4.    Soy power capsule: This product supports optimal health, age retardation, keeps the skin soft, moist and radiant, prevents female osteoporosis and alleviates menopausal symptom. The product has no complications and appropriate for long-term use.

5.    Mother Plus Tea also helps to restore uterine muscle tone after child-birth or miscarriage. It is also useful for relieving both the physical and emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause.

6.    Red peony tablet : Remove fixed abdominal masses, painful Blood Stasis in the uterus; invigorates Blood. Related indications: Fibroid, other hard lumps in lower abdomen with pain

7.    Female Cleanser is processed from selected herbal ingredients with advanced modern technology. It is an ideal solution for female genital hygiene. Its super gentle formula can quickly relieve discharge associated with genital diseases.

8.    Gaurapad Beauty Now! is our all natural facial treatment to improve your skin’s overall health and appearance. It helps to fight aging and damage to the skin that happens overtime.

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