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Double Energy For Men With Swissgarde Double Power Capsule


Double power capsule is the most energizing and revitalizing product which contains a combination of selected vitamins, Amino acids, Kola extract, Spirulina, guarana and Gineseng. This product is beneficial to both men and women because of its physiological properties. The ingredients are Guarana and Ginseng. Guarana is found in forests of the Amazon River in South America. It has been local inhabitants for centuries. The properties. Ginseng is a pla, grown in the East especially I Siberia for its aphrodisial and energizing properties. 

swissgarde Double Power capsule


* It improves the body vigour and stamina. It revitalizes the body cells and organs. It prevents the symptoms of early aging. 

* It improves mental alertness and mental stress. It increases fertility. 

* It boosts weak libido. 

* It is very good for sexual performance because of Guarana and Ginseng energizing effects. 

* It good for fatigue and energy loss. 

* Boosts sperm count.

Double Energy For Men With Swissgarde Double Power Capsule  is safe and long lasting effect


PCOS Fertility Supplement Combo Pack

PCOS And Fertility – Answers To Your Questions

“Can I still get pregnant if I have PCOS?”

We hear this question all the time from women who have just learned they have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I am happy to say that the answer is YES! It may take some medical interventions but the answer is usually yes. Even though PCOS is the most common type of female endocrine (hormone) disorder and one of the leading causes of female infertility, there is certainly hope for women with PCOS.

PCOS supplement

How does PCOS influence my fertility?

When you have PCOS, it changes the hormonal pathways in your body that produce eggs and prepare the uterus for pregnancy. The three most important reasons why becoming pregnant, or staying pregnant may be more challenging for women with PCOS are:
Women with PCOS often do not ovulate.
Women with PCOS tend to have irregular periods rather than “normal” predictable monthly cycles.
When and if an egg is released, the endometrium (lining of the uterus) may not be sufficiently prepared to sustain pregnancy.

If I have PCOS, how can I increase my chances of getting pregnant naturally?

there are a number of treatment options out there — including both conventional and natural measures that can help to normalize your hormones and increase your chances for a healthy pregnancy.


PCOS Solution supplement


Natural Supplement To Support Your Blood Pressure


The ultimate natural supplement to support your blood pressure. 

Contains a proprietary blend of Vitamin C (asorbic acid), Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine hcl), Niacin (granular), Folic Acid, Vitamin B-12 (cyanocobalamin), Garlic (1:2% extract), Hibiscus Flower Powder, Olive Leaf (15% extract), Coleus Forskohii (forslean 10% extract), Hawthorne Berry (1.8% extract), Buchu Leaves (4:1 extract), UVA Ursi (4:1 extract), Juniper Berry (powder), Green Tea (50% polyhenois/decaffeinated extract)

Seancare Bloodcare

Special Blood Pressure benefits of Seancare-Bloodcare includes:
  • Contains Natural Anti-hypertensive herbs
  • Relaxes and Dilates Blood vessels
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Helps Increase production of red blood cells
  • Gets rid of excess blood fluid.
Suggested Usage: As a dietary supplement, take one capsules (1) daily

Online Order: Seancare-BLOODCARE

Contact : 08038000974, 08181270737

Swissgarde Fat Burner Dietary Supplement

Swissgarde Fat Burner Dietary Supplement

Product Description
 Swissgarde Fat Burner Dietary Supplement (60 capsules) is a natural yet effective solution designed to promote the burning off of unwanted fat in the body. It is completely natural, with no unpleasant side effects.
Swissgarde Fat Burner Dietary Supplement

 The ingredients within Swissgarde Fat Burner provide natural stimulation within the body that many of us lack. People with high metabolism rates find it harder to add weight; this is due to the body being able to burn more fat itself naturally. Many of us would need help with this process as it is more common to have a lower natural metabolism rate. But with Swissgarde Fat Burner it helps the body to work harder itself so you don’t have to.

Fight fat the 100% natural way.

 Key Features

  1. Promote natural fat burning stimulation within the body.
  2. Completely Natural
  3. No unpleasant side effects
  4. Fight fat the 100% natural way
  5. No prescription required
  6. Greatly increases your metabolism rate
What In the Box
1 x Fat Burner (60 capsules)

For Best Result, It should be combine together with Fat Absorber
For detail, Order and delivery in Nigeria and outside the country place your order here BUY IT NOW
For contact: 08038000974, 08181270737

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